West Papua: Resistance & Revolution against a brutal colonist

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The police chief who is responsible for atrocities in occupied West Papua, Adj. Sr. Comr. Imam Setiawan, said that he would ‘finish’ those who support subversion.

“Whoever supports separatism or subversion activity, I will do the same as yesterday [forcefully dissolve the 3rd Papua People’s Congress]. I’ll finish [them],” he said.

Spoken like a fucking mass-murderer. Genocide.

He said the Papua People’s Congress had not been conducted according to the permit request, so he was forced to shut down the event.

A gathering of the indigenous lawful owners of West Papua, and they deserved to be shot and tortured and terrorized? What fucking bullshit is that???

“So, if there is anyone supporting such movements, I’m ready to die and finish them,” he said. “This is my duty.”

Oh yes, do wish it so as those who brutalize, rape and murder the West Papuans deserve a befitting end to their occupation and their practice of slavery. There is no democracy in Papua. There is only the presence of a foreign power, treating the Papua as a pissing pot for the tyrant’s amusement and greed

The police on Wednesday fired “warning” shots to disperse the congress after it declared a new president and prime minister for a new Papuan nation. The congress also raised the “Morning Star” flag. Six people were reported dead after the incident. Police have declared five suspects in the case: Forkorus Yoboisembut, Edison G. Waromi, Dominikus Sorabut, August Makbrawen Sananay Kraar and Gat Wenda. 

Indonesia does not own West Papua. Indonesia government is a ruthless, intelligent and unfeeling conqueror, and will not hesitate to crush any resistance from Papuans.

Papuans deserve to live their lives in peace, in harmony and in unconditional freedom, and not in the yoke of slavery and submission.

Freedom Papua! MERDEKA!




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