Soup Kitchen for Marginalized, Homeless Community in Kuala Lumpur

Homelessness and marginalization affects many countries, especially when development and urbanization grows unchecked by the government and ignored by society. Malaysia likes to highlight its modern cities and dramatic shift from an agriculture-based nation to a sophisticated civilization. Yet behind the scenes, and often blatantly staring at your face, poverty […]

The High Cost Of Wishing For Better Days

Strong winds, dreadfully cold temperature. Night time, in Bangkok. Its the “winter” season in most parts of Thailand. How bizarre, and how odd. That word, “winter” in this region. The chills forces me to walk further, past the narrow alleys and the dim lights almost hovering. No fog, but expecting […]

Rohingya: A Dying Community

They are branded as one of the most persecuted communities in the world by the UN, yet nobody knows their name. They are the forgotten people. In recent weeks, the escalating violence has displaced more than 90,000 Rohingya people. Villages are being burnt, people are being abducted, concentration camps are […]

Memories of Misi Bangkok

Came across an old post by Nurul Izzah, a member of the Malaysian Parliament. We have met only a couple of times, the last bit was after the “Misi Bangkok” – she treated me to a great brunch in Kuala Lumpur, I was still in hunger-mode then as it was […]

Q & A With @isaanlife about Buddhism in Thailand

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Zash: How long have you been living in Thailand and practising Buddhism? Tom: I arrived in Thailand in August of 1995 and have been in Northeast Thailand, with the exception of a few trips to Laos and Bangkok, been here without break since that time. Practicing Buddhism? Well […]

Life is Precious, Don’t Forget That

I have to say, I think that we are in some kind of crossroad as to whether civilization is civilized, or has it turned onto itself in its raw prejudicial and cannibalistic way, consuming others due to their bizarre desire or merely just because the individual is different from the rest of […]

The lost child gnawing at the edge of reality

Children, roaming aimlessly, many with worries on their faces. Faces are drawn and haggard from homelessness and work. Even when human rights are championed by the protectors of humanity, the void of child poverty grows wider. Such fiendish hypocrisy is fed by the elitism of social causes, preferring trendy concerns over beggarism. […]

Visiting young friends in the plantation

The heat wave is stifling hot in Malaysia. My friends in Thailand report the same, though the humidity here is crushing – suffocating which drains the energy and leaves one hallow. My journey took me to a plantation, some 17 kilometers from a small town called Bagan Lalang. The palm […]

From darkness to darkness deeper yet

By a combination of intense thinking and mystic concentration, some people enabled their minds to roam with rarely attainable freedom, sometimes so successfully that they came upon fresh and valuable insights. When they did reach new theories and perceptions about the meaning of life and death, they were eager to […]