Thai-Style “Safe Sex”

I have noticed that many adult Thais living in Bangkok are sexually active, which is good. Though the level of knowledge about sexual health or safer sex is debatable.   Condoms and most contraceptives are available at local pharmacy and convenient stores, such as 7-11 but I have yet to see […]

Unearthly beauty of a woman

What is natural beauty? What makes women stand above those mired in civilised fashion-worship? Certainly beauty is the ability to bend the cosmos to serve your will, but even a half-baked carpenter can force wood to serve her needs. Certainly natural beauty is the power to do what others cannot […]

Men just want to have fun? Or just want to have sex?

Age. That single factor sometimes determine whether you are into sex. Many of us have read ten or more articles about sex, sexuality, sexual health, and some nonsense-of-a-sexual-health-expert of how to psychoanalyze yourself and your sex partner.  How often do you read about sex or watch porn to learn more about the […]

How relationships hide the dark whispers of your inner-self

The heart knows many dark secrets of life, and whispers tempting promises to the soul. A human being spends time listening or ignoring the whispering. In a relationship, the person succumbs to the distraction of affection and attention, caring little or ignoring the whispers. The complexity of a relationship does […]

Do Men Care About Violence Against Women

A girl files suit after sexual abuse from a cop reveals a departmental pattern; what is with authority figures using sex to dominate others? Teen Girl Forced to Give Cop Oral Sex — What the Sick Abuse of Authority Says About Our Rape Culture The reality is that there are […]

Rights of Women & Children in ASEAN

“The ASEAN Leaders inaugurated the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC) on 07 April 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam. “The establishment of the ACWC represents the common will of the ASEAN Leaders enshrined in the Vientiane Action Programme in 2004 and the […]

Fucking ourselves with the Kama Sutra

Weeks ago, I was busy indulging myself with four women, over strong black coffee, on the smashing topic of Kama Sutra, 9-inch strap-on dildos, and sex positions. Oh yes, we spoke as articulately as possible, keeping checks on the occasional rasping breath, crooked sly smiles, and dazed eyes imagining something exotic […]