Thai-Style “Safe Sex”

I have noticed that many adult Thais living in Bangkok are sexually active, which is good. Though the level of knowledge about sexual health or safer sex is debatable.   Condoms and most contraceptives are available at local pharmacy and convenient stores, such as 7-11 but I have yet to see […]

Behind the Torment

Hitherto your eyes haven soften and you have looked too much, yes, far too much, upon the things of earth; the sorrow, the pain, the misery. If these so much torment you, beyond belief, what shall be your rapture when you lift your gaze to things of joy hiding in […]

Amusing Behavior: Tantrums in Bangkok

Temper tantrums in adults can, surely, be an early sign of mental illness and emotional problems. I don’t see much of that, with the people that I meet on a daily basis. The Thais are fond of smiling, or more often, merely remain silent in the face of a stubborn situation. […]

A break-up: Sadness grips your friend, so what do you do?

The delicate matters of the heart. People seem to be an expert on relationships nowadays. Some are bold to provide an endless supply of recommendations, and many merely expect to show tough-love to retaliate; But nearly all have no clue to what they are saying or doing. Yes, people usually […]

Misunderstandings, Why, Oh Why!

Misunderstandings. Why? Oh Hell, no one really knows for sure, “why”. Could it be blamed on one person who’s hormones are berserk? Or could it be blamed on the other one who’s stubbornness, and refusal to back down? Who cares why? The fact is misunderstandings do happen. It happens at […]