Soup Kitchen for Marginalized, Homeless Community in Kuala Lumpur

Homelessness and marginalization affects many countries, especially when development and urbanization grows unchecked by the government and ignored by society. Malaysia likes to highlight its modern cities and dramatic shift from an agriculture-based nation to a sophisticated civilization. Yet behind the scenes, and often blatantly staring at your face, poverty […]

Kuala Lumpur: Homelessness, Revisited

Homelessness is not a new societal dilemma in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, homelessness affect even beyond the urban and rural poor. Often communities struggle with high cost of living, poor mental health, societal stigmatization and unemployment. Malaysia, with its 30-odd million people, is blessed with natural resources, surrounded by non-threatening […]

Compassion Is Not An Embracing Virtue

The tudung-clad Malay girls who were seen hugging and kissing members of a K-pop band at a concert in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday have been given a week by the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) to come forward or face arrest, Utusan Malaysia reports. (The Malaysian Insider). Meanwhile the […]

A Glimpse of My BlackBerry Passport

After several agonizing days, scores of phone call inquiries to a clueless Malaysian telco (Celcom) and friends, I was able to purchase the BlackBerry Passport at the Celcom shop in Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur. The cost: RM2,399.00 In the video my younger brother, Zuhair, decided to admire it when I left […]

BlackBerry Passport in Malaysia? Not yet

BlackBerry Passport. I’ve been waiting for this, with an unconventional energy that is truly unfitting of a relief-cum-outreach worker. I have my sins, the Zashnain-stamp-of-approval, one that borders on attachment unbecoming of my so-called “activist” persona. Besides my prized swiss army watch, the so-called “sins” of materialism, I am stubbornly […]

Societal Pursuit of Gratification, during Ramadan

We swing, most often with relish, from euphoric intensity, then to the other, to immortality of emotions; self-emptiness, shreds of self.   Ramadan, during the month, Muslims engage in the ritualistic obligation of fasting; the deprivation of cycles, the consumption of limitation, of modest portions and outwardly respectable behaviours. Not […]

Toilet-Canteen uproar, now sedition comes into play

While its common for school administration and municipal councils to advocate for higher standards of health, particularly when children are involved… well not exactly in one Malaysian school. Some children ended up in a place where people won’t even think to bring food and drinks. UMNO nationalists want whistle-blowers to […]

As if people cared about the urban poor

The homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur are an invisible community. They roam about the city, hidden by the shadows, or trying to earn the daily wage in the filthy back lanes from some odd job that most working class Malaysians won’t want to get their hands dirty. Whether […]