Hypocrites when it comes to West Papua [update]

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Australia has a strong track record of tolerating Indonesia’s violence against the people of West Papua. Similar to ASEAN, and other hypocrites of “human rights”. Despite the onslaught of the Indonesia Army into West Papua, the regional and international community does nothing concrete to intervene – the fact that Indonesia is still the colonizer of West Papua, and the severe violation of human rights against the Papuans.

Hypocrisy of the South East Asian and Australian society. Their pretense of having a virtuous and moral belief and high standards of human rights,  is utterly disgusting.

West Papua doesn’t need an Indonesian “autonomy package”, what the country and its indigenous people need now is immediate independence from the yoke of tyranny and oppression.

Papuans deserve the right in this world, just like you. To ignore that right is to embrace complete hypocrisy of living.


More story about protesting in West Papua.




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