Malaysia: The Few Fighting Against the Masses

One can expect political violence when a ruling UMNO-led coalition is bent on the furtherance of the Institution. Democracy without change is merely an ideology of subjugation; stagnant with fear and bloated from the resources bled for the elite few. Originally published on Related articles and videos: Malaysia’s General Election: […]

Rohingya: A Dying Community

They are branded as one of the most persecuted communities in the world by the UN, yet nobody knows their name. They are the forgotten people. In recent weeks, the escalating violence has displaced more than 90,000 Rohingya people. Villages are being burnt, people are being abducted, concentration camps are […]

Contradiction of Behaviors, The Arrogance in Time

Time. I feel life seeping out from hunger, from that dreaded cold we find in humanity. Left behind, we are running out of time. Society cannot help itself, nor does the cosmos demand such. Last night, as I slumped into the shadow reality, I saw the contradiction of civilized behavior. […]

Demonstration: Land Rights and Poverty in Thailand

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Land Rights/”/]   There was over 900 marginalized people in front of the Government Building on 2 Oct 2012 [Bangkok]. They gathered, to show solidarity and for the government to address their needs and concerns affecting their land, homes and rights. Many are poor folks, those living in urban […]

The Only Destiny That Matters: West Papua

West Papua. An island populated by an indigenous community. Vast mineral wealth, incredible bounty of the Earth on a single piece of land. Beautiful forests, matched with an incredible and ancient eco-system. Occupied West Papua. Colonised and battered. This nation is under a brutal occupation, the iron fist of Indonesia […]

The lost child gnawing at the edge of reality

Children, roaming aimlessly, many with worries on their faces. Faces are drawn and haggard from homelessness and work. Even when human rights are championed by the protectors of humanity, the void of child poverty grows wider. Such fiendish hypocrisy is fed by the elitism of social causes, preferring trendy concerns over beggarism. […]

Temptation of another trip, another adventure.

In 2009, I traveled to Bangalore and Mysore. Spent a week in the sprawling provincial capital, absorbed the sights and sounds of the elites and the poor. I traveled into the maze-like networks of back lanes and confusing alleys; my outreach led me to the slums. Then I spent time in Mysore, a dusty […]

Who is @PurePapua and what does he stand for?

  On Twitter he is simply known as @PurePapua « a Papuan-rights activist. His goal is to see the liberation of West Papua from the imperialist, Indonesia. He believes in self-determination, he believes in the right of an ancient indigenous population to decide on their future, their land, their sea, […]