Obama’s Troops in West Papua

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The US has declared its support and backing for economical improvements, aid and further exploration of relations. Indonesia is truly fortunate to have the backing of the US. It seems that the US is pleased with Indonesia’s leadership within the region, and in ASEAN. Some say Indonesia may continue with such mandate, in line with the encroachment of China into ASEAN’s ocean and territory. Naturally everyone knows this.

However I am disgusted with the US’ obvious blindness towards Indonesia’s suppression of West Papua. To add salt to the injury, Indonesian troops are somewhat trained and funded by the US, whether via technical training or weaponry.

So who’s responsible for the blatant, horrific human rights violation, and raping of the land, natural resources and identity of West Papuans?

Shall we blame Indonesia’s government? Yes.

Shall we blame the apathy of the region? Yes.

Shall we blame it on Obama’s Indonesian troops? Obviously YES.


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