Soup Kitchen for Marginalized, Homeless Community in Kuala Lumpur

Homelessness and marginalization affects many countries, especially when development and urbanization grows unchecked by the government and ignored by society. Malaysia likes to highlight its modern cities and dramatic shift from an agriculture-based nation to a sophisticated civilization. Yet behind the scenes, and often blatantly staring at your face, poverty […]

Kuala Lumpur: Homelessness, Revisited

Homelessness is not a new societal dilemma in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, homelessness affect even beyond the urban and rural poor. Often communities struggle with high cost of living, poor mental health, societal stigmatization and unemployment. Malaysia, with its 30-odd million people, is blessed with natural resources, surrounded by non-threatening […]

As if people cared about the urban poor

The homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur are an invisible community. They roam about the city, hidden by the shadows, or trying to earn the daily wage in the filthy back lanes from some odd job that most working class Malaysians won’t want to get their hands dirty. Whether […]

On a suffocating day like this, what I need is…

I don’t mind the heat, but I dislike the intense humidity. Almost a choking sensation in this part of the world. I saw the van, a while-coloured vehicle under the shade and partially surrounded by sad-looking trees. The man who operated the mobile food stall was selling cendol, a local […]

Limited space in a low-cost housing

Low cost housing in Kuala Lumpur. They do exist with a catch. The lack of space. Kuala Lumpur is small, if you compare it with Jakarta or Bangkok, with a small, but growing, population of urban poor. These apartments are small some with only two bedrooms, with two families living […]

I found myself staring at the notorious cement-jungle city

After a long absence from some parts of Kuala Lumpur, I made an eager visit. For a couple of night, despite the horrible pollution, I found myself staring at the notorious cement-jungle city. Public transportation in the city is too expensive, especially the taxi AND if you’re a tourist. However […]

Cutthroats on the roads, taxi drivers looking for $$$

It is a heavy burden nowadays to find a decent taxi driver who won’t charge you heaven and earth for a 15-minute ride through the normal rush hour in Kuala Lumpur – weekday or weekend. On second thoughts I should not use the word “decent” when referring to the notorious […]

Amazing Thailand in Malaysia

Two boys taking a break Legs feeling tired, but eagerly waiting for the LRT to arrive. LRT is the cheapest mode of transport (though limited access) around some parts of Kuala Lumpur. Can’t trust the taxi drivers who are infamously known for not using the meter and taking their customers […]

Travelling to Masjid Jamek. A different light.

Travelling across Malaysia’s capital – Kuala Lumpur. Invigorating walk. An old mosque, Masjid Jamek, stood unsteadily near a river, surrounded by buildings and the annoying honks of the never-ending traffic. A handful of street vendors selling fruits and cooling drinks, partly hiding in the shades away from the blistering sun. And […]