ICT Future: Lets Start with Participation in Thailand

Often young people are the first to take advantage of information and communication technologies. I see this in developing countries within the region, a prevalent desire for continuous content consumption, be it via sharing on social media, engaging on the internet, advocacy with mass dissemination and, or simply for one’s […]

Cracking My Head With ShopCrackBerry

I ordered, paid for a case via ShopCrackBerry. The site is supposedly the place for all BlackBerry mobiles and accessories. The cost of the “custom BlackBerry Passport skin case” didn’t bother me, though the USPS courier (US$47.95) did. Priority Mail Express International, that’s what its called, and despite the hefty […]

BBM Channels, However Not a Twitter Replacement

For months, I’ve been toying with the BBM Channels, which one can access via the BlackBerry Messenger. Its not half bad, the ease of uploading images and writing (e.g. add post) whatever comes to mind, well with a 400-character limit. A micro-blog of some sort, its actually quite fun. I created […]

25th.TH Anniversary

อินเทอร์เน็ตไทย ผ่านร้อนผ่านหนาวมาเยอะ ผ่านพ้นวัยเตาะแตะ วัยรุ่น มาสู่วัยทำงานแล้ว จากวันที่ค่าเน็ต ชม.ละ 40 บาท ผ่านโมเด็มความเร็วต่ำๆ มาถึงวันนี้ 3G Unlimited ราคาต่ำกว่าพัน ใน 25 ปี   [View the story “25th.TH Anniversary” on Storify] MouiI'm not Geek, just a Thai internet addicted gal. Love to be surrounded by good heart people. Follow me on twitter : @moui or Facebook […]

the WORSE part of advocacy on social media [tools for change?]

For a long time, the streets and the social-media platforms are where advocacy lives and breathes. Gone were the old-school ways of sharing the passion face-to-face with another worthy ally or opponent, though now I do enjoy seeing (and reading) advocates pitting themselves against politicians, corporate captains and other advocates […]