Societal Pursuit of Gratification, during Ramadan

We swing, most often with relish, from euphoric intensity, then to the other, to immortality of emotions; self-emptiness, shreds of self.   Ramadan, during the month, Muslims engage in the ritualistic obligation of fasting; the deprivation of cycles, the consumption of limitation, of modest portions and outwardly respectable behaviours. Not […]

Rejuvenation in Rural Pathum Thani Province

A rural road, in the depths of a province that I am unfamiliar with. Pathum Thani. Imposing highways, leading to narrow roads, and how I remember the small dusty town, somewhat a taint of resemblance of Phnom Penh, though not quite. The escape, away from Bangkok, was thankfully rejuvenating. The nap, […]

Betake oneself, into Maha Sarakham, Thailand

My guide and friend, Nat (pronounced as “Nut”) took me to an almost sleepy town somewhere in Maha Sarakham province. The town, with a small population, was devoid of the usual tourists. A quick meal, two bowls in fact, banished the lethargic feeling when one has so little sleep. I […]

As if people cared about the urban poor

The homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur are an invisible community. They roam about the city, hidden by the shadows, or trying to earn the daily wage in the filthy back lanes from some odd job that most working class Malaysians won’t want to get their hands dirty. Whether […]

Trekking at Chaloem Rattankosin National Park

An evening of trekking in the tropical dry forest, and the exquisite flood of crisp fresh air into the lungs… quite intoxicating. In fact, being away from Bangkok even for a while is always a welcome change to routines. The Chaloem Rattankosin National Park is small, though the night, especially the […]

Behind the Wall lies Misery

Pol Pot’s secret prison, code-named “S-21” during his genocidal rule (1975-79). Between 1-2 million Cambodians – and many thousands of foreigners – were starved to death, tortured, or killed, during this reign of terror. When the Vietnamese Army invaded in 1979 the S-21 prison staff fled, leaving behind thousands of […]

My Random Snapshots of Life

Mix-matched, I know, though I see life almost through random events. The longer I travel, the more I see the neglect. Society rushes to fulfill its desires, and yet we sometimes, or often forget to capture the moment.       ZashnainAn avid blogger, twitterer and photojournalist, Zashnain Zainal suffers […]

A Quick Visit to Malacca

I had the opportunity to visit Melaka during my last visit to Malaysia. When I was there, met a good friend, tasted the local food, managed to finish my reports and unwind, despite spending only two days in the ancient city.   ZashnainAn avid blogger, twitterer and photojournalist, Zashnain Zainal […]

Children: Daily Struggle of Adversity in Bangkok

The National Children’s Day in Thailand, January 12, 2013, proved to be eventful dosed with the usual celebration of the government’s commitment towards enabling the child mold their characteristics and skills. Adults exhibit their desire to see a generation of disciplined and responsible young people. According to the news, there is a […]

Panmnesia: Journey into Melaka

One of the handful of states in Malaysia that I enjoy visiting is Melaka. Plenty of vegetation, multi-racial cuisine and friendly people despite the bizarre nature of the state government and twisted sense of politics. I have friends here, along with the swarm of relatives in one village or another. […]