Who is @PurePapua and what does he stand for?

  On Twitter he is simply known as @PurePapua « a Papuan-rights activist. His goal is to see the liberation of West Papua from the imperialist, Indonesia. He believes in self-determination, he believes in the right of an ancient indigenous population to decide on their future, their land, their sea, their heritage, and their children. Can @PurePapua achieve what he and many others have decided … Continue reading Who is @PurePapua and what does he stand for?

The Cocktail of West Papua

Indonesia’s alleged focus on the welfare of West Papuans is a sweet cocktail of irony, deceit and hypocrisy, served cold. The Indonesian Government dodges away skillfully from the much-needed Independence of West Papua and the Administration’ s violation of human rights of the indigenous Melanesian-majority population.  The systematic, genocidal attacks on the West Papuans has been on-going for many decades, while the international and regional communities … Continue reading The Cocktail of West Papua

The War Continues In West Papua

West Papua, again is in the news. Not because the country has gained independence from Indonesia, the Tyrant. But as usual for the wrong reasons. Courtesy of Indonesian troops, there’s a hunt for so-called ‘separatists’ (and one wonders why they are not termed as ‘freedom fighters’!). The chaos fermenting in West Papua is solely the cause of Indonesia’s unlawful presence in the country. Don’t blame … Continue reading The War Continues In West Papua

Obama’s Troops in West Papua

The US has declared its support and backing for economical improvements, aid and further exploration of relations. Indonesia is truly fortunate to have the backing of the US. It seems that the US is pleased with Indonesia’s leadership within the region, and in ASEAN. Some say Indonesia may continue with such mandate, in line with the encroachment of China into ASEAN’s ocean and territory. Naturally … Continue reading Obama’s Troops in West Papua

Hypocrites when it comes to West Papua [update]

Australia has a strong track record of tolerating Indonesia’s violence against the people of West Papua. Similar to ASEAN, and other hypocrites of “human rights”. Despite the onslaught of the Indonesia Army into West Papua, the regional and international community does nothing concrete to intervene – the fact that Indonesia is still the colonizer of West Papua, and the severe violation of human rights against the Papuans. … Continue reading Hypocrites when it comes to West Papua [update]

Indonesia’s Naked Agression Against West Papua

Indonesia continues to carry out a pattern of gross human rights violations in West Papua despite promises to improve the situation. But how can an imperialist government safeguard the rights and fundamentals of a conquered nation like West Papua? Indonesia needs to immediately withdraw from West Papua, release all claims to what rightfully belongs to Papuans. Papuans have the right to enjoy their freedom, their … Continue reading Indonesia’s Naked Agression Against West Papua