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Civilization V is one of the best game I have ever played and it is one of my favorite games.  A friend of mine told me last year that Thailand or Siam (our old nation name) is one of the nations included in CIV5, and of course, as being a gamer, I can’t help myself to get one copy if it is on sale in Thailand.

But this evening another friend tweeted news that Civilization V sales will be postponed without knowing when it can be sold in Thailand as the importer does not get approval by the Ministry of Culture.  The reason the authorities say the game does not provide the accurate Siamese history.

Ramkhamhaeng : Siam Nation in Civilization V

This is the page where it is said to be represent the ‘wrong’ history about Siam when the leader was King Ramkhumhaeng.

By the way, it is just a GAME not the history textbook about Siam nation.  The authority must not use the wrong  judgment not allow selling this game in Thailand.

However, the unidentified source said that another reason that made the authorities do not allow selling is that the leader’s face is too similar with the ex-Prime Minister Dr. Thaksin Chinawattana.  (And I have to admit that the leader’s face is Dr. Thaksin’s in cartoon style.)

Anyway, it is just the GAME.  Let it be game, don’t go too crazy.  We do not need more censorship that we usually have to face to.


Just say.

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