Do Men Care About Violence Against Women


A girl files suit after sexual abuse from a cop reveals a departmental pattern; what is with authority figures using sex to dominate others?

Teen Girl Forced to Give Cop Oral Sex — What the Sick Abuse of Authority Says About Our Rape Culture

The reality is that there are many bad fuckers out there. Violence against women does not fit any generic pattern. It can affect anyone and everyone. Regardless of the age, nationality, or sexuality of the woman. We have seen an increase of violent cases of women and girls being molested, sexually assaulted, abused and raped. There seems no end to this.

A few months ago, I participated in a gathering of 107 women discussing on the crucial role women can play to eradicate the violence.   Unfortunately, the male species failed in this participation. There was only 4 men (including me). The question is why aren’t the men participating and actively sharing ideas and approaches about this matter? Aren’t men interested? Or men are born fucking ignorant to the violence?

As long as men failed to participate and constructively contribute to such a meeting, we will continue seeing and experiencing the violence. If men don’t care, then the sad fucking fact is one day it will be our mothers, sisters and daughters who will be the victim.

Why? Because men choose to do nothing.




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