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I have noticed that many adult Thais living in Bangkok are sexually active, which is good. Though the level of knowledge about sexual health or safer sex is debatable.  

Condoms and most contraceptives are available at local pharmacy and convenient stores, such as 7-11 but I have yet to see the femidom (Female Condom). So accessibility is not a concern for those who can afford the off-the-rack condoms and warm-me-down lubricants in an imaginative dildo-like container.

The working class, the self-employed man who operates the street food stall, seems to know about condom usage, how to use one and NOT to wash a used condom to be reused later. Some have also resorted to using amulets and charms around their necks with condoms for “triple protection.” Elbow jabbing, proud grins or laughter follows with such a declaration.  

Yet when I speak to men, transgenders and women about safer sex in detail, opinions vary and there is a growing ignorance of diseases – HIV and unplanned pregnancy seems to be the only two items on their list. Safer sex to many is about using a condom when fucking. Quite frustrating that on an average, people are still unaware of their bodily fluid and the dangerous non-fucking exchanges. 

As you are aware, sexually transmitted infections (STI) can take place in most sexual activity between two (or more) partners at the same time, though masturbating in front of your partner(s) is the safest – provided there is no contact of erupting “bodily liquid” (such as sperm). 

I spoke to few adolescents who believed that sex without a condom with their close friends (“fuck buddies”) is safe; coitus interruptus method is used though some would resort to washing with soapy water after the boys had cum inside. As it is, I’ve documented over 46 cases of such behaviors and practices among adolescents.

Though such behaviors are also common among adults, regardless of their sexuality. Many look at the profession of their partners, and that seems to influence whether a condom is needed or not. Thus you may be seen as intellectually “safe” if you’re a member of the academic circles or if you’re rich. 

Among heterosexuals, men have a habit of insisting (or using persuasion) not to use condoms before fucking. Women have mentioned to me their frustration at trying to negotiate – many times women end up persuading the male partners to use it. Some end up accepting sex without condoms, the men stopping briefly to use the condom when they feel the sensation to ejaculate.

I can write a book about this, of stories about the challenges women go through, and the outrageous demands of men in fucking unsafely. Though I won’t… not at this time.

Women tell me that Thai men prefer more than one sex partner. Its common for a married woman to discover that her husband is fucking her best friend, or his colleague. And according to men, its the same for Thai women. Alas an endless cycle of fucks and sucks to a relationship. 

I’m a non-judgmental person, especially when it comes to sexual health and activity. Do what you want, its your body and mind, but practice safe sex. 

Read more about sex safe from various sources (though the information is generally the same): 




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