Waiting at Don Mueng Airport

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A bright, humid Sunday despite the heavy clouds, could barely walk outside without sweating.

Don Mueng airport seems lifeless from outside, an oddity and an imposing white structure. Its been resurrected and renovated due to the terrible congestion of the “new” Suvarnabhumi international airport.

Immigration and customs was a breeze, VAT refund was done quite easily. Authorities looked relaxed, unburdened, some are actually smiling.

There’s a missing element to this equation: the flood of domestic and foreign travellers are missing. Fine with me.

As one traveller from Australia had asked me on Twitter whether DM airport was “dark and dingy” ~ no in fact its quite comfortable and trouble-free, with ample, spacious smoking rooms.

“@RiffRaffBriz: Time flies, still remember clearly. grubby cream paint, constant hustle & bustle, long immigration queues but handy, close to city”

I agree, 2004 was the last time I had passed through DM airport.

Waiting for my AirAsia flight, relaxing, and doing very little to remain comfortable.

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