Prophetic eyes that peek at Bangkok

Skull in the distance

One can’t deny the oddity of this snapshot, which I took on a Saturday afternoon in Bangkok. The “skull” cloud seems to be peeking at the inhabitants of this city, watching… a bad omen? I don’t believe in such, but who knows. Some of my Thai friends seem to think so, wrapped up in their superstition and the usual-dose of gossips.

I have learned great many aspects of the Thai-psyche, and surprisingly there’s not much of difference between the superstitious minds of Malaysians and Thais. Almost everything could co-relate to a bad omen or good fortune. Make no sense to this traveler, nor would I want to indulge in such thoughts, though I would continue nodding my head while desperately trying to make sense of what people are trying to say.

Bangkok has been good to me. Yes, despite the hectic work, confusing schedules, misunderstands due to the lack of proficiency of my Thai (and their English), and the expectations which appears to always contradict with one another. Language has been a challenge although the blame may go on my shoulders, me and my inability to speak and understand basic Thai. Oh hell, no point beating myself silly on this issue.

I have met many people during my journey, with the exception of one asshole, the rest are friendly, warm, even though some may be as odd as me, on a whole, they are hospitable with their disarming smiles. I like Bangkok, despite the senseless madness that sometimes tend to grip the mechanics of this city, and the people.




An avid blogger, twitterer and photojournalist, Zashnain Zainal suffers from an incurable addiction to social work, helping marginalised communities since 1989. Nowadays he travels from the plantations of Malaysia to the slums of Thailand. He can be found at and @bedlamfury

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