The War Continues In West Papua

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West Papua, again is in the news. Not because the country has gained independence from Indonesia, the Tyrant. But as usual for the wrong reasons.

Courtesy of Indonesian troops, there’s a hunt for so-called ‘separatists’ (and one wonders why they are not termed as ‘freedom fighters’!). The chaos fermenting in West Papua is solely the cause of Indonesia’s unlawful presence in the country. Don’t blame it on ‘tribal’ wars or bandits seeking trouble or chaos, just blame in on the presence of Indonesian troops and their system of ‘governance’ of a land that doesn’t belong to them.

As long as West Papua is the subject of foreign greed and hypocrisy, and imperialist designs, don’t expect a solution to the expected violence. People will fight to resist, people who are the true owners of their land, their sea and their heritage.

What I don’t understand is why the U.S. supports the colonists, their reign of terror upon West Papua. What I don’t understand is why some media would display Papuans as ‘tribal’ people who are quick to violence. What I don’t understand is why South East Asians are still complacent about the terrible violation of human rights in West Papua.

I’m tired of the propaganda of ASEAN, and their allies and their people, pertaining to West Papua, and the high level of ignorance and prejudice on the plights of West Papuans for liberty, justice and freedom. I’m tired of their bullshit.

More clips:

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‘Road To Freedom’ rally in Wamena [HQ]


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Rally in Wamena [HQ]


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