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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Despite Twitter’s best efforts, I’ve managed to bring back Twitter Digest from the bring of destruction to work with the new Twitter API (v1.1). Version 2.8 of the plugin has just been released and should be considered unstable until I’ve had a chance to test it over the a few days. However, considering 2.7 was not working for anyone, we’d be no further behind if a bug in 2.8 prevented tweet digests from being created. Feel free to try it out yourself and let me know if you run into problems.

Unfortunately, Twitter now requires authentication for all API requests. I won’t get into why this is stupid here, but suffice to say the Four Tokens of the Apocalypse are upon us and we’re all worse off for it. You can check out this post to see how you can get your own tokens and, if interested, how I ended up fixing the plugin. Basic instructions are:

  1. Login in to
  2. Create a new Twitter app and generate tokens.
  3. Enter the token values in the corresponding fields on the Twitter Digest option page

Finally, I’m no expert on Twitter authentication or oAuth, but it seems you only need one set of tokens if you are running multiple website with digesting multiple Twitter feeds, as long as the tokens you use on the plugin are associated with a Twitter account that has access to the Twitter account you want to digest. For example, if you create the authentication tokens for @a and @a follows @b, then based on my cursory testing, it appears you don’t need a Twitter App or authentication tokens associated with @b to digest @b. Just put ‘b’ in ‘Username’ option field on the Twitter Digest option page and it should work. Like I said though, @a has to be following @b.

Let me know if anything fails and thanks for the feedback.


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