Amazing Thailand in Malaysia

Two boys taking a break

Two boys taking a break

Legs feeling tired, but eagerly waiting for the LRT to arrive. LRT is the cheapest mode of transport (though limited access) around some parts of Kuala Lumpur. Can’t trust the taxi drivers who are infamously known for not using the meter and taking their customers around the city » basically a murderous rip-off.

Two boys, as tired as me, chatting on the floor. I noticed that Thailand extensively promotes their “Amazing Thailand” in Malaysia ~ something I find quite amusing. More and more Malaysians make their yearly holidays of fun or family in Indonesia. The tourism in Siam has been severely affected by the post-flood of 2011, the global recession and the violent bombings in Bangkok and the South.

The LRT is near, I best focus on my journey, least I miss the ride and end up sitting beside the boys, dreaming of Thailand.


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