BlackBerry Passport in Malaysia? Not yet


BlackBerry Passport. I’ve been waiting for this, with an unconventional energy that is truly unfitting of a relief-cum-outreach worker. I have my sins, the Zashnain-stamp-of-approval, one that borders on attachment unbecoming of my so-called “activist” persona. Besides my prized swiss army watch, the so-called “sins” of materialism, I am stubbornly a firm believer of BB. I couldn’t care less of what others thought about BB, not my problem if others ridiculously fancy apps and invulnerabilities over BB security.

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Anyway, I’ve set aside some money to purchase the BB Passport. Not expecting Bangkok to launch it any time soon, due to the terrible decline of Thai interest on BB products. I’ve reached a point in my travels in this part of the Mekong region that one can never expect steady functionality and efficiency to replace the apps cravings of the tech-hungry generation.

So I asked a few friends in Kuala Lumpur to help me with procuring some information about the Passport launch-selling date. Most never came back with answers much less grunts of regret or mock anxieties. A handful fed me bad news. The Passport is not yet available in my country. Despite the initial media news of Malaysia’s telco Celcom pricetag of RM2,399.00, no one in Celcom (via customer service) knew anything about the Passport. How disgraceful of the multi-million RM telecommunication empire knowing nothing of the Passport, or maybe they do and seem to enjoy pretending to not know. Would not be the first time that happened.

Anyway, I’ve made inquiries in Bangkok on the prospect of the device being introduced. Eventually the Passport will be in the land of smiles, but as for a time-line, similar to the regime’s fondness for obscured “road maps”, one can only dream of it being launched in the next couple of months. Though I could be wrong. Or maybe not.



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