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Came across an old post by Nurul Izzah, a member of the Malaysian Parliament. We have met only a couple of times, the last bit was after the “Misi Bangkok” – she treated me to a great brunch in Kuala Lumpur, I was still in hunger-mode then as it was difficult to find food during the great flood of Thailand.

Nurul has a good heart, she offered support to me when I needed it, the funds she raised was crucial in the relief work in 2012. RM4,000 was the budget for almost a month in a flooded Bangkok, my work took me to the wet streets and residential locations through the metropolis. Nowadays many relief workers (many I know in Malaysia) expect exorbitant budgets to do community work, for coordination and what-ever-nots. I did it with a small budget, and I am thankful to Nurul, who I treat like my sister, and her humility and concerns for people made vulnerable due to poverty and natural disaster, regardless of their nationality.

Even as I travel Thailand, almost year later, I still remember my little sister with great fondness.


Misi Bangkok



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