Demonstration: Land Rights and Poverty in Thailand


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There was over 900 marginalized people in front of the Government Building on 2 Oct 2012 [Bangkok]. They gathered, to show solidarity and for the government to address their needs and concerns affecting their land, homes and rights. Many are poor folks, those living in urban slums, in hardship and a minority of those struggling against statelessness. 

Despite the incredible heat and humidity, hundreds listened to the speeches of their community leaders. Some spoke about the delays of development, others mentioned rights to land, housing and an identity, while words of unhappiness against the encroachment of corporations and people who live by the whims of greed.

By evening, I was informed that the Government of Thailand had responded to act upon the issues expressed by the demonstrators. I admit, I found that their prime minister, Yingluck, has proactively set a culture of assembly where Thais can gather to express themselves on most issues. I eagerly hope that more Thais embrace the peaceful concept of demonstrations and the government sets the benchmark of good governance for and by the people.

The right to a land is not just a human right, it sparks the life blood of a community. These folks seek to remove themselves from poverty and peacefully advocated their rights to a better life. 

P-MOVE = Justice for the Poor


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