Blue Mountain @ Narathiwat


After two days of hectic schedules and meetings, running around like a headless chicken, I decided to relax and sample some coffee treats. Blue Mountain @ Narathiwat is a nice place, soothing background music, comfortable ambiance, helpful staff and fabulous selection of coffee. The owners, a husband and wife team, are Metha and Amika.

Just like many in Narathiwat, they work hard to sustain their livelihood. I respect them, along with many, regardless of the cafe environment or the roadside food stalls.

If you’re in this side of South Thailand, do visit them and taste the wonderful blend of coffee and snacks.

58/3, Sopapisai Road
Tambon Bannak
Muang, Narathiwat

Ok, excuse me while I continue with my coffee 🙂 and enjoy the free wifi access (for customers).

comfortable and relaxing

comfortable and relaxing


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