Compassion On The Verge Of Extinction


The sad part of being part of ‘modern’ civilisation is that people are more concerned about something that is within their reach. The sense of trying to greedily grasp money, career, house, car, or the sheer thrill of increasing their self-worth in a world that has more to offer.

Sorry, it’s not sad, it’s in fact pathetic. Pathetic because humanity is not about the material needs of greed. While we as a society run aimlessly in the hamster’s wheel, oblivious to the senseless goal, mankind’s empathy is on the verge of extinction. Annihilation.

You are your own agent of greed, lust for things that you don’t need, caring not of the degradation of homelessness, poverty, disease and abuse. Your life’s work is influenced with stigma, motivated by prejudice and empowered by discrimination.

Yes, You.


While famine runs amok in Africa, you practise the art of gluttony. While street children roam Jakarta, you drive in ignorance. While people are raping the lands and heritage of West Papua, you drink your pint of lager. While young people rebel against injustice of the institutions, you think of the next iPad for your leisure.

Life doesn’t evolve around society. Civilisation is corrupted with it’s own rot, a slow death of pandemic mutated self-righteousness, bound to itself in it’s own chains. You are your own slave to your own apathy.

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An avid blogger, twitterer and photojournalist, Zashnain Zainal suffers from an incurable addiction to social work, helping marginalised communities since 1989. Nowadays he travels from the plantations of Malaysia to the slums of Thailand. He can be found at and @bedlamfury

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