Dragonfly who loves to Fly

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Once a upon a time
There was a little green dragonfly
She loves flying
From left to right

The dragonfly’s name is Dra
Dra was tiny, but she can fly very fast
She had two wings
And she loves flying in the morning

Dra flew with her friends
They decided to stop to rest
But Dra didn’t want to stop
She wanted to fly some more

She flew ahead of her tired friends
Far away she found a green frog
She’s never seen a frog before
So she stopped very close to the frog

She waited for the frog to talk
But the frog didn’t want to talk
It just stood there

She then waited, so curious about the frog
And suddenly the frog jumped towards her
Its stick long tongue wanted to catch Dra
And Dra screamed in fear

And she flew away
Back to her friends

From that onward
She learn her lesson
Don’t go any place that you don’t know
Don’t go alone


By @Zashnian

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