Domain .info extension is ban on MSN Messenger

Internet Censorship

The domain that has an extension with .info is completely banned on the MSN Messenger since early of this month (August 2007). In fact, I discovered it a few days ago. Unfortunately, I thought it was banned by the Internet Censorship team in Thailand (sorry for my misunderstanding, sir). However, another friend shared me an idea that he noticed that all domain with .info extension cannot be sent thought the MSN. Hence, I ask for help from Google, there comes the real discussion of what has been happening.

MSN blocks .info

It must be realized that it is one of the very first big ban on via the IM (Instant Messenger). MSN announced on Aug 15th, 2007 that they have to do that because of intention of getting rid of spams. Is it the practical way to stop the spammers? No, of course not. Spammers can still send the message in the other ways, like add a space in the URL or just simply not type “http://” so that the MSN cannot detect that it is the URL, but human can read.

Besides the .info domain, one more file name is banned, too. That is “download.php” It also cannot get thru the MSN blocking system.

MSN blocks download.php

Blocking is not the solution, I bet that MSN will throw away this policy soon.


Just say.

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