ICT Future: Lets Start with Participation in Thailand

Often young people are the first to take advantage of information and communication technologies. I see this in developing countries within the region, a prevalent desire for continuous content consumption, be it via sharing on social media, engaging on the internet, advocacy with mass dissemination and, or simply for one’s […]

Guide to Social, Digital and Mobile in China (2nd Edition, Jan 2013)

[slideshare id=16030329&doc=wearesocial20130116-sdmw2chinav005-130116203508-phpapp02] — This is the Second Edition (Jan 2013) of We Are Social’s exploration of Social, Digital and Mobile in China. You can find more reports in the #SDMW series at http://wearesocial.sg. For more details, please contact @wearesocialsg on twitter. MouiI'm not Geek, just a Thai internet addicted gal. […]

the WORSE part of advocacy on social media [tools for change?]

For a long time, the streets and the social-media platforms are where advocacy lives and breathes. Gone were the old-school ways of sharing the passion face-to-face with another worthy ally or opponent, though now I do enjoy seeing (and reading) advocates pitting themselves against politicians, corporate captains and other advocates […]