Torturing BB9790 with LINE


Blackberry Q10 finds the LINE app to be extremely intrusive and an abomination. Okay, I may just be exaggerating however I had loads of issues when the app was in the OS10. LINE is addictive, based on Thai cutie-craving standards, and somewhat generating waves in Malaysia, where the WhatsApp seems to be predominately ingrained with the Malaysian communicative psyche. LINE is simply not for the BB10, where diehards and BB traditionalists demand for conformity to Blackberry’s communication platform pride, the BBM.

Now with the second-hand BB 9790, the LINE app seems a sure winner, particularly with a defective BBM on a OS7.1 — there’s one major catch, it drains the battery at such an ungodly swift rate.


Battery drain on the 9790 is already a harsh negative point to the phone, and the annoyingly loveable LINE makes it worse. The small screen prevents a complete enjoyment to the app, rendering it no better than WhatsApp. So why do I bother? Curiosity, I guess. The complication of functions, interface, prevents me from the convenience of sending swift messages. There’s also a limitation, unlike the app on an android (Samsung s4 and Lava 4.5), I can’t send “Hidden Chat” messages using the 9790. Anyway not that I trust LINE’s “encryption” capabilities.

Application Resource Monitor


BB’s Application Resource Monitor seems to dislike LINE, in fact the auto-shutdown mechanism keeps me from regular access to a continuous use of LINE. Consumes too much batter power, so it tells me. Heck, after about a month of use, I uninstalled LINE, much to my relief and I am sure to the satisfaction of my 9790.




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