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ICT Future: Lets Start with Participation in Thailand

Often young people are the first to take advantage of information and communication technologies. I see this in developing countries within the region, a prevalent desire for continuous content consumption, be it via sharing on social media, engaging on the internet, advocacy with mass dissemination and, or simply for one’s private entertainment. Traditional sense of socializing, at least during the “old days” of my youth, … Continue reading ICT Future: Lets Start with Participation in Thailand

Tweet for 2015-01-17

Thousands of Italian restaurants in hands of mafia: study -> New Zealand fines a spammer $12,000 @nutty_pay -> Student “Not Guilty” in First 3D Movie Piracy Case -> RT @martyn_williams: The US and UK will launch cyber attacks against each other to test their defenses, cooperate more on cybersecurity htt… -> RT @Georg_Grey: The wise man doubts often, and changes his mind. … Continue reading Tweet for 2015-01-17