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RT @PKinbangkok: For the Laksi victim. Donations welcome, spread the word. "@Noiion: @Righthandrock @moui @johnwinyu @joe_black317 http://… -> RT @pewresearch: Unlike Twitter,which for many is a go-to source for breaking news,only 28% of Facebook news consumers use it that way http… -> RT @ZDNet: Adobe issues critical Flash Player update -> RT @NewsBreaker: BREAKING: Obama administration wants federal cyber law – @USATODAY -> … Continue reading Tweet for 2014-02-05

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Betake oneself, into Maha Sarakham, Thailand

My guide and friend, Nat (pronounced as “Nut”) took me to an almost sleepy town somewhere in Maha Sarakham province. The town, with a small population, was devoid of the usual tourists. A quick meal, two bowls in fact, banished the lethargic feeling when one has so little sleep. I must, truly, return to see the people and rural terrain, and experience the sensations once … Continue reading Betake oneself, into Maha Sarakham, Thailand