A break-up: Sadness grips your friend, so what do you do?

The delicate matters of the heart. People seem to be an expert on relationships nowadays. Some are bold to provide an endless supply of recommendations, and many merely expect to show tough-love to retaliate; But nearly all have no clue to what they are saying or doing. Yes, people usually […]

Smog, heat, humidity. Ingredients to a horrible night.

It is a humid night, the weather swallowed by the smog from the city and the nearby farms. Malaysian farmers, similar to many other South East Asian countries, still practise the primitive art of farming: to clear the land, they burn what they can: trees, weeds, shrubs and grass. A […]

Twitter Updates for 2012-04-01

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-31 http://t.co/COLe7AZl # แถวบ้านเสียงดังมาก # นั่งดูทีวี กดรีโมตไปเรื่อยๆ # ประหลาด !!! โรงเรียนในอังกฤษ"ห้าม"เด็กมีเพื่อนสนิท: http://t.co/wJSLMDgL (via @prachachat) # Today is BlackBerry AppWorld Birthday. Get your free apps today @bedlamfury # วันนี้วันเกิด BlackBerry นะคะ เข้าไปโหลด apps ฟรีได้เลย # อ้อ แต่ไม่ฟรีทุก apps นะคะ # ชีวิตคนติดเน็ต RT @jow2711: แง๊ๆๆๆไม่มีโทสับใช้เข้าห้องน้ำไม่มีความสุขเลยตรู # นอนเล่นอ่านทวิตชาวบ้าน # @jow2711 […]

Sweet Sour: Thai cuisine

Thai food, quite an explosive mix of sweet and sour to the taste buds. But at times, despite the blend of herbs and spices, I find the dishes to be more sweet than hot. Don’t get me wrong, I love chili and I put them on almost every main dish […]

An observer to those living in hardship

Regardless of the infamous stories of violence and gang-controlled territories, I wandered the streets of Bangkok with little caution; not really caring where I went as long as it was not near the business centre. Based on my work exposure with marginalised communities, I do not fear the slums nor […]