Twitter Updates for 2012-01-12

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-11 # Twitter Updates for 2012-01-11 # @elgrodo I just those requests as bulk (the service available on farmville.) 😛 Could you please block the apps? # @noname_8 มีเล่าๆ # @elgrodo LOL # คืนนี้ 2 ม.ค. มาติดตามชม มิติโลกหลังเที่ยงคืน ตอน " เจียง ไค เชค " คุณ […]

Dreaming about the past, a remembrance of loss

She woke up from her slumber, rubbing her forehead at the nagging headache. She does not mind the cold hard pavement as her bed; after all, she has been homeless for the past 3 years, living on the streets and begging for food. The city, with it’s towering monuments and […]

Basic Rights, Basic Needs of Humanity

You are busy with your endless work, busy with your friends and colleagues after office hours, you are busy with making loads of money to enjoy the luxuries of life. I don’t see any problems in engrossing yourself in whatever you fancy, nor do I see an issue that you […]