Twitter Updates for 2012-01-04

“งานนี้รอดยาก” | ประชาทอล์ค # Twitter Updates for 2012-01-03 # What I need for 2012 is time! # @zashnain Nope # @KristieKenney I’m a greedy one ka, I wish I had a 50 hour a day. Good morning Ma’am. # supamasอดีต HR ปัจจุบันมาอยู่ IT ความสนใจสะเปะสะปะ ไร้สาระตามอารมณ์ ชมชอบอาหารอร่อย กอดรัดบ่อย ๆ […]

Storm, the giver of life, brings joy and misery to all

The soil is baked lifeless by the sun and desiccating winds, and the inhabitants and their blank gaze move at a weary pace. Then, five months later, just when the heat seems unbearable, stifling, the clouds that have been piling up in the distance burst open to disgorge torrential rains. […]