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The Burning Abomination: Censorship

I remember the time when a small group of pro-government, rightists marched down the street of an embassy of a foreign country. I remember smiling at the sight of their pompous faces, burning with zeal, almost Taliban-like fanaticism, chanting their opposition to the publication of a book. This book made […]

Refugees and Ignorance

Why is it that you fear the refugee? Or why show hostility? Is it because you feel a sense of threat to your existence? Or merely that you feel the government should not waste tax-payers money on people who have fled or were forced out of their troubled-countries? ZashnainAn avid […]

Everyone has an Opinion

Everyone seems to have an opinion. It is interesting to hear people communicate their thoughts, especially when one is busy clicking away on the mouse from the comforts of their office. This world is made fat from opinions, everyone wants to have a say at every fucking thing. ZashnainAn avid […]