Harnessing ICT for the Benefits of Young People

Young people and children are often the first to take advantage of advances of information and communication technologies. As we know for the past two decades, traditional forms of socialising of young people, such as family and schools, are being aggresively challenged. These new tech is bringing a uniform culture […]

Malaysia’s Bersih & Human Rights

Batons, shields, water cannons, tear gas and hostility. The outrageous and violent attitudes of the Malaysian government and the police towards Malaysians hoping to exercise their human rights in peaceful demonstration has not broken the spirits of the people. Such an extremist crackdown will further diminish the government’s iron grip […]

Making an informed decision

The only thing that oppressive governments are good at is efficiently disseminating ignorance, fear and prejudice to the people. By brainwashing the people, the government robs the ability of the people from making informed decisions. I’m not solely blaming the government for this. Society has to take responsibility for living […]

Military and Disaster

We have to learn to think in a new way. We have to learn to ask ourselves, not what steps can be taken to give military victory to whatever group we prefer, for there no longer are such steps; the question we have to ask ourselves is: what steps can […]

The True Voice of Democracy

No matter how many people the government throws into prison, No matter how many people the police intimidates, No matter how many people the authority tortures, No matter how many people are abused by the twisted laws, Nothing will ever shut my mouth. ZashnainAn avid blogger, twitterer and photojournalist, Zashnain […]

Democratic government? Bullshit.

So given the opportunity, the revolution at hand, the so-called democratic government responds by flooding the almost-empty city with police, anti-riot personnel, army intelligence officers and informants. To what end? And since when is participation in a peaceful demonstration against the law? What about Article 20 of UN’s Universal Declaration […]