The High Cost Of Wishing For Better Days

Strong winds, dreadfully cold temperature. Night time, in Bangkok. Its the “winter” season in most parts of Thailand. How bizarre, and how odd. That word, “winter” in this region. The chills forces me to walk further, past the narrow alleys and the dim lights almost hovering. No fog, but expecting […]

Tragedy of the Poor, Living in Societal Apathy

Sunday, hellishly humid and blisteringly hot. Bangkok. I’m in one of those random moods to explore places, away from anything that looks and feels elaborate in structure and decoration. The feet, thighs and lower back set in motion, and I’m off. Bangkok holds much for a traveller, particularly when one […]

As if people cared about the urban poor

The homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur are an invisible community. They roam about the city, hidden by the shadows, or trying to earn the daily wage in the filthy back lanes from some odd job that most working class Malaysians won’t want to get their hands dirty. Whether […]

Inside Malaysia’s Shadow State: “Its Been Done Before”

A new investigation by Global Witness reveals the systemic corruption and illegality at the heart of government in Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest state. This film, shot undercover during the investigation, reveals for the first time the instruments used by members of the ruling Taib family and its local lawyers to skirt […]

Demonstration: Land Rights and Poverty in Thailand

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Land Rights/”/]   There was over 900 marginalized people in front of the Government Building on 2 Oct 2012 [Bangkok]. They gathered, to show solidarity and for the government to address their needs and concerns affecting their land, homes and rights. Many are poor folks, those living in urban […]

Special Privileges and Odd Characteristic

Tremendous physical endurance, passive courage and good breeding are among the more admirable qualities of those living in splendour. Such qualities require the separation of the weak from the strong. The poor are not even in this equation; they simply do not qualify to be rubbing shoulders with the elites. […]

The lost child gnawing at the edge of reality

Children, roaming aimlessly, many with worries on their faces. Faces are drawn and haggard from homelessness and work. Even when human rights are championed by the protectors of humanity, the void of child poverty grows wider. Such fiendish hypocrisy is fed by the elitism of social causes, preferring trendy concerns over beggarism. […]

A soul seeking an end to the twisted path of misery

At night, he wanders the streets, either looking for a meal or work. He doesn’t work in an office, mind you, nor does he enjoy the comforts of an aircon environment. He goes through the garbage bins, armed with an empty sack, looking for empty bottles and any item to […]

Visiting young friends in the plantation

The heat wave is stifling hot in Malaysia. My friends in Thailand report the same, though the humidity here is crushing – suffocating which drains the energy and leaves one hallow. My journey took me to a plantation, some 17 kilometers from a small town called Bagan Lalang. The palm […]