Misunderstandings, Why, Oh Why!

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Why? Oh Hell, no one really knows for sure, “why”. Could it be blamed on one person who’s hormones are berserk? Or could it be blamed on the other one who’s stubbornness, and refusal to back down?

Who cares why? The fact is misunderstandings do happen. It happens at a high frequency, as often as the guard dogs barking, or the two wild cats hissing at each other.

What’s important is that both parties continue talking, if that fails, which it often does, then resort to taking a 5-minute break to calm the nerves and senses.

A 5-minute break from the madness of a confrontation or misunderstanding does help. It does, really. Some of you would say that it’s easier said than done. Why be so negative about it! Stop with such behaviour, and do enforce the 5-minute break.

Some guidelines, for you to take note of during the 5-minute break:

1. Don’t take this opportunity to re-think what was said, inaccurate or right.

2. Don’t start quoting what the other person said. You’ll look like a clown if you do.

3. Don’t (never) talk about the person’s ex, family members (dead or alive) in a poor, distasteful manner

4. In fact don’t talk at all!

5. Just take three deep breaths, exhale slowly. This should be done almost immediately when you stop talking, and remember to not take more than 1 minute on this exercise.

6. Don’t bloody delay the 5-minute break. Be precise.

7. Smile. None of that crooked, sarcastic smiles or weird, provoking grins.

8. Hold your partner’s hand on the 4th minute. Squeeze the hand gently, and none of that bullshit of a stiff hold or a death grip.

9. A hug! Do the damn hug!! A warm hug, and NOT a corpse’s hug. If you’re big enough, try the bear hug, and snuggle close.

So for God’s sake, for your sake or for the other person’s sake, do it now –> 5-minute break.

Now if you can excuse me, my own 5-minute break is almost up, my lover is waiting. Don’t glare at me, for my sake, I never said I was perfect.

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